Working Fitness into the Work Day

Everyone knows about the physical benefits of exercise: weight loss, lower blood pressure, stronger bones and muscles, the list goes on. What many people don’t know is that physical activity also improves your mental health and your mood. Want to have better focus during the day and more restful sleep at night? Exercise is the answer! Fitness is vital to our health and happiness, but between career, family, and friends, finding the time to exercise can feel impossible. Fear not: working fitness into your schedule isn’t as hard as it seems.

Here are a few tips for “fitting” fitness into your workday.

Set a Schedule

Building a schedule around your regular daily activities is a great way to analyze your week and assess which days allow a little extra time for your workouts. Start by picking two to three days in your where you know you’ll have at least 30 minutes to set aside. If 30 minutes seems like a bit much, set aside whatever time you can. You can always increase it as your schedule allows.

Find a Workout Partner

Committing to a fitness routine is a lot easier when you have a workout partner. A workout partner provides you with accountability and motivation. On those days where you’re dragging or inclined to skip, your partner will help keep you on track and push you a little further each day. Try and find someone with a similar schedule to ensure you’re able to match your workout times correctly. It’s also important to find someone on your fitness level who wants to exercise at your pace.

Join a Gym or Find an At-Home Fitness Program

Do a little research on local fitness centers in your area and what they have to offer. Take a tour to get an idea of their equipment, the classes they offer, the personal training programs (committing to personal training takes “accountability” to a whole new level), and just the general atmosphere of each gym. Not a huge fans of public fitness centers? Not to worry—there are tons of online programs you can do at home from free Youtube videos to paid online personal training.

Keep Moving

Try melding some beneficial exercises into your workday on days where you simply don’t have time to carve out a visit to the gym or do a full-on home workout. Set attainable goals for yourself throughout the day such as taking the stairs rather than the elevator, taking a walk during your lunch break, or doing a few quick squats to work your legs and get your heart pumping. You can use this article to find further advice on beneficial workouts you can do on the go.

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