O Pockets Where Art Thou?

Pockets are great for carrying the things you need on a run —keys, ID, cash, insurance card, maybe even your phone. But running with full pockets can be uncomfortable and irritating, and unless your pockets have a zipper, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll arrive home with significantly less stuff.

So where do you put your essential items when you step out for a run? Hide it behind your waistband lining? Hold it in your hands or stuff it down your sock? Tuck it into your sports bra? I think you’ll agree that these options are all less than ideal. But never fear, cool gear is here! Check out some of my favorite creative and comfortable alternatives to pockets. These items will make your life easier and decrease your chances of losing things as you exercise.


FlipBelt is made entirely from a blend of Spandex and Lycra, so it doesn’t contain buckles, buttons, clasps, or any other potential irritants. It features a total of four pockets and has ample space to easily store your phone, keys, gels, cash, credit card, and more. All you do is pull the belt on, store your items, then flip the belt inside out to lock them in place. It doesn’t move, bounce, or chafe, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Flask

If you like to carry a water bottle on your run, then the Nathan SpeedDraw Plus may be the right choice for you. This unique 18-ounce bottle will not only keep you hydrated but also hold your essential items. It features a large, expandable zipper pocket that allows you to store what you need – including your phone. It has a fully-adjustable hand strap with a thumbhole to give you a comfortable, grip-free run.

Sport2People Running Belt

This running belt works best for runners who record a lot of distance and like to keep their phone, energy supplements, mp3 player, and keys handy. It’s a bit bulkier than some other belts, but that translates into more storage space. It also has a reflective band that will help keep you safe when running in low-light conditions.

X-Treme Armpocket Armband

If you’re the type of runner who uses armbands, you’re going to love the X-Treme Armpocket. This armband not only holds your phone, but also features three easy-to-access storage compartments. It includes a vented strap, moisture-resistant fabric, memory foam padding, dual earbuds, and it’s made up of eco-friendly material. It also comes in three different sizes and a range of fun colors.