About Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg, a senior professional in recruiting and talent acquisition, has never shied away from a challenge, be it finding top-tier talent, developing and negotiating job offers, or translating complex market data for her clients. Unsurprisingly, she approaches her personal passions with the same vigor, especially when it comes to fitness. Julie created this blog to share her favorite experiences, challenges, and insights into the world of exercise.

Julie has been an avid runner for many years. She has run the New York City Marathon twice and will be participating in the upcoming Bank of America Chicago Marathon as well, where she will run for a local charity. These long-distance races are a great outlet for Julie to reach new heights and achieve personal goals; however, she is just as happy going for shorter runs on her own time. She enjoys keeping up with the latest innovations in fitness gear as well. From polarized sunglasses to wearable tech, there are tons of ways to optimize a workout nowadays.

When it comes to workouts, however, much more comes into play than just having the newest gear. It’s important to craft a fitness routine that will work for you, depending on your personal fitness level and your health goals. For many people, it feels intimidating to try to figure out where to even start. Julie emphasizes the importance of creating your own routine, but she also knows that one of the best ways to get results is to incorporate interval training into a workout. (For more on that, check out her article, How Interval Training Can Upgrade Your Health & Help You Lose Weight, on the lifestyle website mindbodygreen.)

For Julie, the benefits of exercising regularly are just about endless! Whether you are looking to lose weight, build up your physical endurance, feel more productive in your day-to-day life, or relieve some stress (or all of the above), working out regularly is a great solution. It can end up becoming an integral part of your daily life much more quickly than you might think. That was certainly the case with Julie, and now she maintains a rewarding balance between her career, her personal fitness, and other hobbies such as cooking and home gardening. Running gives her a clarity she’s never found in any other workout routine. Julie loves being able to get lost in her thoughts or the music while on a long run through New York. You can follow along with some of her favorite loops via her MapMyRun

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